Friday, October 19, 2012

A little cheating

This may be cheating, a little bit...


This quilt is done, and I have never shared it before...

but I actually completed it in June, before my life got taken over by sewing that did not include lovely fabrics like these.

So I am sharing today as a completed project, as I have completed it since the last time I reported anything as completed on a Friday... so is it really cheating? 

Sharing at Sarah's linky party.


  1. Love the colors..I've always wanted to make a tumbler quilt.

  2. What fun fabrics! I'm with you--I've got some fun fabrics I'm saving while I'm being taken over by not so great fabrics, too! Got a lot sent off this week, even if I couldn't finish them all the way, but a whoop whoop for using stash! It is so fun though to have a new breath of life through some fun fabrics and those fabrics are adorable. Love the backing!

  3. very pretty. I have a friend who made a quilt with your backing fabric.

  4. I love the tumbler pattern. It's one of my favorites. Great fabrics too.

  5. It's a great finish, no matter WHEN it was completed! Good work, girlfriend!

  6. Your quilt is a beauty - just love those colors together!