Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quilt ADD or Binding Phobia

Binding is my least favorite part of making a quilt. I think it is the root of my quilt ADD because when faced with binding I lose interest and suddenly find lots of other projects to work on.... while this pile sat waiting for my Anna Maria Horner quilt look at all the other things I got done...

I had this large scale Christmas fabric that I finally decided to just use on the backing and made this plus quilt top to match it... though my husband thinks it looks like Easter not Christmas...

Then I decided to cut up my collection of Holiday Happy fabrics from Happy Zombie.

then I started on DD1's goldfish quilt blocks

sigh.... so instead of working on completing something, or even making progress on a WIP, I started three new projects.... the only good news is all three are Christmas gifts so I made a good start on the holiday sewing.


  1. Those goldfish blocks are going to be awesome when you put them all together! Don't get too down on yourself for not knocking out a few WIPs - all progress = forward progress!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous - but have you considered setting aside time you don't normally quilt (like when you're watching TV in the evening) to do your bindings? That's when I knock mine out - I get to spend time with the hubs but still get something off the stack - and it's so nice to be able to say, "It's done!! Woohoo!!"

  3. I think everyone probably has a part of quilt making they don't like. I don't enjoy the actual quilting part as much as the rest of it, which seems kind of strange to admit, but there it is. I'm sure it will get better in time. Binding, I'm not so sure about though. ;) Love what you did while you were procrastinating!

  4. Progress is progress! I don't enjoy cutting. I do like binding though. I guess I like the home stretch and find it relaxing to hand stitch the back.

  5. OH,that Christmas fabric is so cute. Well, now you can decorate for both seasons with that quilt. lol Love it.
    cute fish fabric.
    I like to do binding. It is the border and backing that I dislike.

  6. I love your crosses quilt. I so want to make myself one. The Christmas fabric is adorable. Just do what you love is my philosophy, whether it be something new or old. Enjoy!