Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let the games begin!

Football games and band competitions that is... Football is well under way, almost 1/2 way into the season and we are undefeated! Both my girls are in marching band... (I may have mentioned the flags in a prior post) This is the halftime show... Friday night lights and all that goes along with Texas football.

My oldest is in Color Guard and youngest plays the trombone. This is the first year they have preformed in the marching show together. (we are big on props... and have big props)

This is my oldest and a friend with their least favorite prop, the parasols that were nasty in the wind... the girls were getting pulled by the gusts and several of them flipped inside out. Even so, they swept their first competition winning all categories and 1st place in both prelims and finals!

So, unless I find a pile of dresses that stretched and need to be hemmed, or flags that ripped already, we will be back to sewing quilts next week! And hope to have a picture of the flags next week ... they have not yet gotten to the part of the show they are used.


  1. i'm looking forward to seeing the flags in action!

  2. Cute kids! Those are some pretty cool outfits and props.

  3. Sounds like the year is off to a great start. Congrats to the girls.