Monday, May 31, 2010


Have you heard about the Process Pledge? I am sure you have seen the badge appearing on blogs as you hop around. The pledge is the brain child of rOssie and goes like this:

I, ________________, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear. I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.

I am taking the pledge and committing to trying to share and document more process rather than random completed projects. I seem to blog about buying fabric and completed items and nothing in between.... and the in between is the fun stuff!

So, lets get started! I saw this the other day. I always think I want to make seasonal runners, but end up getting fabric and then getting distracted, and the season is gone and fabric remains.
Since I do not have an active project (that is a lie.... I have several mid stream, but I am not working on any of them currently), I thought a RedWhiteBlue table runner would be nice and I could whip up some for the relatives as well.

Went on tour of local stores and stash and came up with this collection.... after also getting some losers (forgot to snap picture of them, must remember in future) that were more the berry Americana shades.

This is where it gets messy... see the picture at the top of the post? This is a FQ bundle I already had and I found 2 more at Joanns and used a 40% coupon so they were cheap. Now I am thinking about the Yellow Brick Road pattern I just bought, and the New Wave pattern, both that use FQ and my simple table runner project has turned into re-decorating my living room for the month of July to showcase the new quilt I am going to make....

This could be why in August I will have these two stacks of fabric still and no table runner or quilt. My mind gets going faster than my rotary cutter and sewing machine and I am overwhelmed with the possibilities rather than actually doing anything, and the pile of fabric grows as I either lose interest in the project or the intent.

Hmm... that's more phyco babble than process, but.... its how things get off the ground around here. They start like this and either get momentum and get started, or not.

Join me later this week to see if the fabric gets cut!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Inspiration

My last post clearly documented that I have been a spring sewing slacker.... however, this week it has topped 90 degrees, and it is humid, and the AC is tripping on before 10am ... indicating my time outside is coming to an end and new project inspiration is needed. (not that I don't have plenty in progress items, but.... we all know how that goes)

My mom is out from CA for the week and I took her down to the discount fabric stores that I found where inspiration abounded.... to the tune of 30+ yards!

I feel that needs an explanation, as 30 yards is excessive even for me..... imagine walking in and finding a cart with these lovelies cut in various lengths, 2 to 4+ yards, marked $2 yard, must buy full cut. I look at them, then at the bolts that I had picked.... and quickly dumped the bolts and grabbed all the cuts I could. The 5 pieces above are from the Pillow and Maxwell Whimsy line in pink. Also got one piece in the blue.

Also this lovely Love, almost 5 yards at 60" wide and the London Calling which is screaming SKIRT to me.
I shunned the bolts, but now think I need to go back because there was some Heather Bailey Fresh Cut as well as some Amy Midwest Modern that were marked $5 yard, but... I am a bargain freak and my head was turned.... did I mention ...30 yards at $2 / Yard!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you say slacker?

Yes, I have been an extream spring blog slacker! The weather here turned beautiful late March and has been since and I have been outside taking every advantage of it in the yard, even if its just sippling my coffee in the back yard in the morning (when I had been doing my blogging).

I was a little productive, having completed this baby quilt for a friend. Below is front and back, made from the 'road to spring' quilt along with Randi. This is super easy to put together and I love how it has turned out. I am going to call this one Meadow Road, combining the fabric and the patterns names. Not very imaginative, but, hey, I'm a slacker!