Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 done, give away for 2011

This will be my last quilt completed for 2010. Not bad since it was on my 2011 goals list! We won't mention that its been a stack of completed blocks sitting in a basket for almost a year.

It was intended as a baby quilt, but is more of a toddler size, or a good baby floor throw coming in at 51" square before being washed.

The back is some of my favorite Michael Miller dainty damask. I love this print and it is so sweet in the grapey purple with pink back ground.

It was supposed to be rainy and nasty all day today so I rushed out last evening to get pictures and see that the late afternoon sun was a little dim. You can see the colors better in this picture done before binding. I do think that this is the best quilting I have done to date. I don't remember making any pointys which is my downfall.

And remember these? I still have 4 left that have 2010 on them. I may use them on WIP that were started in 2010 as long as they are done in FQ11.

Its time to print up some new ones for 2011 and since I print them a page at a time I will print up 6 labels for a lucky winner! Just comment to this post and I will pick a random winner on Monday. Winner can then tell me what they want printed and if they have a favorite of the styles I have going on so far.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DD1 & DD2 quilts

While driving home from Thanksgiving break I decided I would add making quilts for my daughters to my Christmas to-do list. (while still working on one for my mom, and just cutting out one for my brother and sister in-law)

The only part of the plan that was not crazed is that I had the full complement of fabric for both projects. DD1 had expressed a slight interest in making a project in the spring so I researched and picked a pattern and bought fabric based on her criteria only to have her say she changed her mind, she wasn't that interested she just said she was to not disappoint me..... hhhmmm... another stack of fabric!

I knew the fabric would be perfect in her room which she recently painted lavender but I didn't want to use the pattern the fabric was bought for.

Camile Roskelly's Little Man quilt from her new book was my new inspiration which I modified to make it larger for my big girl. It suits her! Bright, edgy and orderly.

On the trip where I got the bright idea to make the quilts I had picked up some Urban Zoology Owl fabric by Ann Kelle. DD2 loved it so I decided to use it for her quilt, mixing it with blues and greens from my stash. The original plan was to sash D9P squares but that was a bit flat so I framed them in chartreuse kona and wonked them a little with white.

Backing is Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller - Whimsy - Curly Swirl.

Despite the expression on her face, she does love it and had been carrying it around the house wherever she goes, plopping down to snuggle up and read while wrapped in it.

Last WIP for '10

Well, its the last WIP post for 2010 and I actually have progress to report! The above is a set of blocks that has been hanging out for some time. I put them in my 2011 goals list which spurred me to action. They are now all put together and ready to bind and be shipped to a friend expecting a daughter early in the new year. .... and surprise of all, its the only thing I have been working on this week... no ADD quilting, bopping from project to project!

And these are a couple of quilts that had been WIP and were completed before Christmas... good thing since they were gifts for DD1 and DD2. I have more pictures on these that I will be posting later in the week. I am super happy with how they turned out and the girls were surprised and loved them.

I look forward to tracking my WIP and those of others at Freshly Pieced in 2011!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 - Lists and Goals

Elizabeth at Don't call me Betsy did a great list and linky party of 2011 goals and intentions. I was inspired to document what has been floating around in my head the past couple days as that things I want to work on first in the new year.

1. Complete misc projects in progress:

These two baby quilts have been sitting for awhile and are at the top of the list.

This double hour glass is waiting patiently to be sandwiched and quilted. I also have a quilt that I refer to as Strawberry Fields that needs attention.

2. Complete 2010 QALs

Recognize any of these? These are the 4 QALs that I started in 2010 ... I have agreed that the postage stamp will be a life long project, but the others must be completed before I join any new QAL parties ... well, lets amend that... at least one must be completed.

3. 2010 swap

These are my two blocks and in the bags are the ones I received from the no-sew swap. Full disclosure, I have another set too that is light green and dark pink. I would like to get these done and maybe donate the quilts.

4. New projects

Two new projects that I would like to start, but only after I have made progress on the others above... uhm... yes, I already started cutting the one which I guess makes it officially a WIP rather than a new project.

That gets me through 12 quilts, all of which I still love and am excited about.... ok, maybe not the swap ones so much... I have my eye on AmandaJean's Zig Zag quilt and that may work its was in here as well. I will be posting and sharing my progress on these at WIP Wednesday and Friday Sew and Tell.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stash Report

I missed getting this done on Sunday but my list was getting too long to wait any longer.

Do you start buying for next Christmas the day after the holiday so you take advantage of the sales? Well, that's kinda what I did with the holiday fabrics that went on sale the last couple of weeks. Stocking up for next year.

I got these lovelies on sale for under $4 a yard from Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Full disclosure, I have decided this was not enough so I have another order in transit as well. I also got some Alexander Henry Merry Modern since was just sure it is going to be all gone very soon.

So, here is the list of fabric that came in over the last two weeks:

Order from Fresh Squeezed - 6.5 yard
Order from Fabric Shack including Merry Modern and Kona for Hope quilt - 5.5 yards
Ikea table cloth fabric in red and grey - 7
Ikea Snow Bears in green for Christmas Quilt back and red for stash - 9
American Jane FQ's at LQS - 2 yards
Kona for WIP and stash (40% 0ff at Hancock's till Christmas) - 8 yards

Total in = 38 yards

I do have somethings to show for all that though.... Here's what got completed in the last two weeks:

Coffee Cozies - .5
Table cloth & runners - 3.5
Bottle bags - 1.5
Fenced in Hope quilt - 8
Christmas Quilt - 14

Total out = 27.5

That's in increase of 10.5 for the reporting period... but, I expect that next week will turn this tide as I finish up the last of the gifts and clean house on some WIP I have outstanding.

Anyone else have some QAL's that are hanging out still? Getting them done are at the top of my list for the new year..... and none of them require new fabric so I will have no excuses!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Its done, and I love it. My Christmas Quilt is completed and in its place on the couch to be admired and to snuggle in during the holiday season (not too much snuggling since its expected to be in the 70's all next week). In case of a cold snap its plenty large enough to snuggle ending up at 65" x 85".

The backing is a yellow green I found at Ikea. I was going to use the dark green Michael Miller in the block above with some pieced blocks thrown in, but I could not get the 'snow bear' material out of my head and made an emergency trip to Ikea to get it.... ( BTW, Ikea is not close, its about 40 min away). My family says that they are hippos, but its my quilt and I can call them Scandinavian snow bears if I want to.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP - actually on Wednesday!

Yea! This week I made time to post my WIP on Wednesday! And even better, I have some projects that move into the completed category!

Under New and Completed is my table cloth and runner.

Fabric from Ikea, perfect width and I was able to get it long enough for my table. I did a quick serge around the edge and done! Made matching runner for side table and a couple square candle mats to throw around in other rooms.

Also completed this week are my Fenced in Hope quilt (check out the back at the link!) and the 6 bottle bags required for hubbys office gifts.

Under progress made MY Christmas quilt is all put together, back pieced and ready for sandwiching and quilting, my project for today. DD1 quilt blocks are done and borders are cut.

Still waiting for time and attention are DD2 owl quilt, the felt circle pillow and the 5 coffee cozies that must be done today to be gifted tomorrow!

Check out other WIP's here.

Fenced in Hope

Fenced in Hope is done and in the mail to its new home. I hope they like it as much as I do.

It is the largest quilt I have machine quilted myself to date (aprox 65 x 76) and it was not nearly the struggle I was anticipating. It took two football games on Sunday which was not too bad.

The inspiration for my quilt came from the Fenced In quilt in Elizabeth Hartman's Practicl Guide to Patchwork.

The fabrics are primarily Hope Valley, New Day color way with a couple others from my stash. I love these greys and blues and think I have enough left for something for me! The solids are Kona Cotton.

I blogged about my issue in matching the Sage Kona and in that hunt made a startling discovery... not all Kona is the same. It appears that the fabric sold at Joann's is different. If you have a piece from Joann's and one from Hancock's, a LQS or an online store compare them. Not just the color, the actual weave. The stuff at Joann's is much coarser and the thread count is low. I went through my full Kona collection and found this to be the case in every instance. Lesson learned....

Secret Project Revealed

I made this quilt for my mom who does look in from time to time, but never comments (hi mom!) so I had to wait till she got the early Christmas present before posting too much about it. It started out as a table runner last year (see strips used in backing.. that's about as far as I got). At the time I had not yet graduated to anything larger and found a pattern on Moda Bake Shop for the two charm packs of The Caroler by Mary Engelbreit. I lost interest in the project and it got packed away with my other Christmas fabrics for projects in the coming year.

When I unpacked in the fall in preparation for getting started on holiday projects I was pretty sure I didn't want to make the table runner... Then it occurred to my that the bright strong colors might appeal to my mom. I got lucky when I found that the LQS had a couple of the prints still in stock for the border and backing and the solid is a Kona favorite, papaya.

It was a windy cloudy day when I took the pictures so there are ripples where the wind caught it. When I tried to use the swing as a prop, well, that didn't work well as the wind started rocking the swing.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

wip ---- thursday?

I tired and tried to get myself together to get this post up Wednesday, but it didn't happen. Luck for me Lee at Freshly Pieced keeps her WIP forum open a little past the calendar day for slackers like me!

I have a couple of new projects I started on this week...

These are quilts started for DD1 and DD2. They are both going to be simple and I hope to work on the blocks in between other projects and have them ready to put together sometime next week.

Have you seen the cute, cute, cute pillow that Amy made? Well I decided I needed one so I traced my circles and cut them out during intermission of the Middle School band concert last night.

I made a bit of progress on my projects I shared last week. The secret priority project made it to the mail....I will share pictures when I hear it has been received.

I also got all the blocks done and put together for both the Fenced Hope and My Christmas quilts, now working on backing.

After travelling to the 5 stores that I 'might' have bought the Kona cotton at for Fenced Hope and not finding it, I am waiting for an order in the mail and hoping it will match and then I can get the borders on and move ahead towards completion as this will be mail bound.

I am also working on 6 wine bags and 5 coffee cup cozies for hubbys work gifts. I always try to jazz up his bottles of wine and gift cards with a little handmade goodie.

Click here to see other WIP, actually posted on Wednesday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Stash

I bought the owls on a whim, no project in mind ....then while driving home from Thanksgiving it occurred to me that I could make my girls quilts for Christmas... I almost had the others to be gifted done and I would have almost 2 week of them still on school when I could work on them in stealth mode.... and I was sure I had fabrics at home to work with. (this would be an understatement)

When we got home I started pulling fabrics to go with the owls. My youngest is not a girly girl and she recently painted her room bright green... like the bright green owls. I wanted to make something that matched, but didn't glow..... maybe something to neutralize the current glow factor.... I am excited to got cutting on this... Its going to be a d9p featuring the owls.

While driving home I also started thinking about how much fabric I bought on the trip... 18.5 yards to be exact. I decided to start tracking my in/out with a goal of over all fabric reduction in the coming year. I am going to start now so that I don't mistakenly think December is a freebie month and start stocking up in preparation ... yes, I would do that.... it will also let me start counting with the gifts that are in progress so that I have all the 'grey area' cleared for the new year.
So, here goes... for this week:
Fabric in - 18.5 yards
Fabric out - secret project, 5 yards + 2 charm packs (1.5yds)
Net - Increase of 12 yards

Friday, December 3, 2010


Its Friday... Time for Sew & Tell.... where has the week gone?

Well, part of my week was spent completing the blocks for my Fenced in Hope quilt now lying on my fancy 'design floor' ready to be sewn together and completed when I find more Kona Sage in the correct dye lot.

I also snuck in a round here and there between the above and another secret project and got my Christmas string squares done....

and I have the pile of trimmings to prove it!


I did get a secret project all done and in the mail.... I will share afer the holidays ... I love it and hope the recipient does too.


Have a great weekend! I am off to find Sage Kona and to pull all those blocks into completed quilts!