Friday, February 24, 2012

County Fair 1-2-3

Done! This is my UFO completion for the month... well, I kinda cheated a little on that as the Bottled Rainbows were the number called, and I did work on them, but I wanted to get a quilt done that was big enough for our bed, so I did a little switch-a-roo on my list.


The shadows are not helping with these pictures and by the time I got them loaded to see the distortion I had already put the quilt in the washing machine... so squint a little and ignore the shadows.

The back features blocks left over as as well as Posie fabric in raisin. The quilt is made from the Denyse Schmidt line County Fair.  It is home dec weight making this quilt somewhat of a beast between the fabric weight and the size....  its an over sized queen, 100 x 100 inches before washing.

I used the 1-2-3 pattern from Amy Ellis's book.  Its a super easy pattern and I love the way the fabric shines through without being over shadowed by the quilt block pattern.  This may be my favorite fabric prints/colors ever...  with all the hoopla over re-release of FMF, my druthers would have been a release of this line in quilt weight fabrics, but, since no one consulted me...I will continue to hoard what I have!

  I can't wait to get this one the bed tonight!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Women Working

I have been working on sewing, a little....  This is Swoon block #2

and my UFO of the month is Bottled Rainbows so I dug them out and this is block #9, 7 more to go...

And this this where I have spent most of my time this month...  these flags are the ones that the girls used until we got the new ones done and I got all 24 of them completed this week. .... the floor says American Production and is a replica of a WW2 poster

This is 1st place trophy number two they have brought home, having competed twice...  the blue is the coverall uniforms that I made the modifications to fit all 23 girls... and the head scarf is a sequin material that my serger hated.... which brings to mind the comment made by the lady at Joann's,  I was probably not the only mom in the group that sewed, I was the only one that admitted to it ...    

and these are my two working women... Mandy is helping on the floor crew, dragging and folding that big floor mat and Sam is our Rosie the Riveter action figure!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tumbler a-go-go

My birthday is coming up later this month and I decided that I would get a Accuquilt GO for myself as my present...  cutting fabric is actually one of my favorite parts of the process, but I thought that this specific  block would be one that I would use a die for...

My daughters Winter Guard program this year is Rosie the Riveter and they are wearing denim coveralls...  I was making alterations on them last week and then ran into a picture of the red/blue Aussie DS Quilts prints and the two were my inspiration to pull out my own DS quilts picnic/fairgrounds collection and make our first guard show quilt


I added a red/white dot that matches the head scarves the girls wear and started cutting...  the GO made the cutting quick and easy and these sew together so quick with no dog ears on the corners...

I used a wonderful light denim that I found a Joann's for the interior border as well as the backing... super soft and matches great...  my daughter is calling it hers and is planning to use it on the bus trips to competitions.  It came out a little large for that purpose at 78 x 58 after being washed, but will be perfect on her platform bed when the season is over. Expect to see more tumblers here in the future... 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP 2/1/12

New starts this week:

The swoon.... one block down, 8 to go.

Another new project on the design wall, the Winter Guard bus quilt....  needs to be done this weekend so it will be getting my attention for the rest of the week.

Worked on this past week:

Its Winter Guard time so I have been making modifications to the girls costumes... They took first place in thier first competition last weekend! I hope to get some pictures at the contest this comming weekend which wil be the first use of the costumes...  still have 3 that need modifications.
Completed this past week:


Sitting quietly this week:Rainbow blocks, Chubby Stars QAL, Juki Spring, American Jane blocks, 36 patch QAL, HST project, Storybook Quilt, New Wave, Pinwheel Sampler, 1-2-3 County Fair, Hope Valley round-and-round QAL, postage stamp

WIP Stats for week :started -2, ongoing -12, completed- 1 = 14 total WIP