Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Spring?  I hope this is a sign that it is here for good.  My husband bought a bag of bulbs on clearance in the fall and we now have daffodils sprouting as a lovely spring surprise!

And to mark the end of the month, I have a UFO completed!  This HST quilt has been hanging out for sometime even after I got the top pieced and quilted I procrastinated on getting the binding on.
The backing is a super cute feather print that I bought just for this quilt shortly after I started the HST's.  The binding matches nicely, emerald green kona. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP 2/20/13

 Ongoing project, in the order I get to work on them...
 I have the perfect color for the border and binding of this quilt!
It is Kona Cotton Cerise and I think it has just the right pop without overwhelming the quilt colors.
The HST quilt is quilted and I sergred around the edge in preparation for binding.  With all the bias edges on there was some jockeying around, but it is all sewn up ... debating on ash binding or maybe teal?   
The blocks for the scrappy string cousin quilt are done and ready to be sewn together.  I have a lovely backing picked out all ready!

My crazy plan for the year, each new project must be balanced by the completion of an existing one from the list below, so, the above are listed in that criteria, ending with a new for year project meaning I need to pick off the list something to finish up next before starting this....   

This is the pile I started on my my daughters college quilt.... Its the second pile since in the fall I was collecting red.while.grey with elephants, but no matter,people change thier minds, I think this time for the better, and I now have a nice red white grey pile. 

She is attending Baylor in the fall!  I was originally going to to a strip quilt, like the scrap on in the works, alternating green/yellow, but an open to recommendations and suggestions. Not too much white since it will be in a dorm room.
She was admitted to the honors dorms which are in the center of the campus, one of the oldest buildings.  She sleeps under 4 quilts I made here at home, so I want this one to be a quilt cheery and warm for her new space, her new adventure!

Olds quilt list :
 Rainbow blocks, Chubby Stars QAL, American Jane blocks, Round & Round, Pinwheel Sampler, postage stamp, Swoon, Arcadia (HST- called up, not done)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where is my mojo?

 Interrupting my sewing always ends up in a lag, I need a jump start to get restarted...
I was happy wiht getting the HST done, but now its quilted and sitting just waiting to be bound.
The Scrappy Trip-along has the perfect color for a border and is sitting waiting to be completed.
All the squares for the strip step-child are done too.... I just can't get the interest together to work on any of them. 

What I do have are flags, that fray and need to be fixed.  Above is a nice example of how this nasty foil lame frays,
and here they look all neat after I trimmed and sewed the hems again, sometimes having to trim 3 inches because of fray....  Cotton quilt fabric does not fray, you would think that would be enough to excite me to work on my projects.