Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where is my mojo?

 Interrupting my sewing always ends up in a lag, I need a jump start to get restarted...
I was happy wiht getting the HST done, but now its quilted and sitting just waiting to be bound.
The Scrappy Trip-along has the perfect color for a border and is sitting waiting to be completed.
All the squares for the strip step-child are done too.... I just can't get the interest together to work on any of them. 

What I do have are flags, that fray and need to be fixed.  Above is a nice example of how this nasty foil lame frays,
and here they look all neat after I trimmed and sewed the hems again, sometimes having to trim 3 inches because of fray....  Cotton quilt fabric does not fray, you would think that would be enough to excite me to work on my projects.

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  1. My mojo is missing this week too. I managed to press some fabric today...no big deal, but at least it's touching fabric. I think fixing all those flags would put anyone off their feed for awhile. You are a good team mom!