Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wrapping up 2014 - part 1

 Happy New Year! 
I have been so bad about blogging this year, but  I wanted to finish up posting quilts I completed in   2014.  I fell in love with the giant star quilt and decided to make one as a wall hanging.  We have those big walls created by high ceilings that are impossible to decorate and I needed something big but didn't want to break the bank.  I got out my stash of AMH and used some linen I had found cheap. 

This was supposed to be a 'tester' to see how it went before making a 'real' one. 
Well, I love this and it has been hung for about 6 months now.  I used the hanging method from Amy ala mode and am thrilled with how it looks, kinda floating.
In other needle news, I have knitted many a circular scarf.... K,K,K.  Part of my plan for the future is to deviate from the easy, so I decided to tackle crochet.  I have done it before, years ago, and as a child was taught by my grandmother. I picked a super easy pattern to refresh myself and now have a collection of crochet scarfs as well, but plan to move on to the Crafty class on Crochet, with the Sunday Shawl as my end of year goal.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas quilt 2014

I love this pattern!  Can you tell?  Its the Moda Love free pattern,  same one used for the last quilt I posted. 
Its a super easy layer cake (10') format and I think for an 'easy' quilt it makes an impact.
 This is the 5th year that I have made a Christmas quilt.  Its become a tradition I am liking, making something for me!
I did cheat a little this year and actually made two.  I made this one with the scraps from the star quilt.  I didn't have a layer cake but was cutting either FQ or lengths that I had and was left with a nice pile of strips, perfect for an improve strip quilt.  Sam took it back to college when she returned form Thanksgiving break, for a bit of Christmas cheer in the dorms.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moda Love

I wanted to quickly share the quilt I made this week. 
This is from the Moda Love pattern using a layer cake I have had for awhile of Urban Chicks Boho. 
I used Kona Snow for the background and a flannel from Joann's for the backing.
After coming off poly-hell (see prior post) I wanted something quick and easy to get back into the groove, and I needed a bridal shower gift as well.
This pattern was super quick, super easy, and I think it makes a great visual impact as well. 
I liked it so much I am making a second one for myself in Red/green for the holidays. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Whatever it takes!

Well, this was the culmination of the last few months efforts by these wonderful students!
My daughter the just to the left of the girl in magenta. 

These were the big flags, the team made 60 of them.  When I say big, I mean big impact, we actually made BIG flags, 80" x 120" too!
Group shot with Alamo Done in background.
This year I did more than flags.  See the bling on these uniforms?  That is crystal tape that was hand sewn on.  Between another mom and I we did all 4 drum majors (conductor, not drum player), averaging 12 hours per uniform. Go ahead, zoom in, I hope the details of those points is visible.
We also made 12 add hoc uniforms.  We were requested to take uniform with white shoulders and get rid of the white. After some inventive attempts of dye  and some use of spray paint we ended up cutting the white off  (old uniforms) and sewing lower section onto extra dark uniforms.  Crazy!
We added the gold trim to give a little contrast with the gray on gray on top of "m".

Sew/So, this is my last year as a band parents.  Its been lots of work but I will miss it. 
It has definitely encouraged creative thinking, or as is our parent motto,
"whatever it takes".

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm still here!!!

Hmm, do I lead with excuses as to why I have not posted in 6 months, or get straight into the quilt?

I'll start with this fabric, Sandi Henderson Secret Garden.
If you find this stuff, get it!  It is luscious!  it is so soft and wonderful!  I had done a prior quilt back in another print from the line and when I found this one cheap, I grabbed it!

The large scale print worked perfect for the backing of this quilt.

And yes, it was late summer when I completed this quilt, maybe only 5 months ago. 

So, here is the story for this quilt... My oldest daughter studied abroad at Oxford this summer.  When I found these 'British' fabrics I decided she needed a quilt!  (middle row below)  Its a simple disappearing 9 patch that she can cuddle with watching movies in the rec room at the dorms. 
And since the material is posted, I will move to quilt number 2 completed in the past months for daughter #2.  She is in the High School marching band and wanted a 'show' quilt, a quilt that matched the theme of this years marching show to take on the big road trip to San Antonio to State Championships (more on that to come).  I made her one last year when the theme was snakes.
The show had a gem motif this year which I thought would be easier, but this was the only fabric I could find.  I think it turned out great, a small bus size quilt and matching pillow case. 
I am pretty proud that I got these two quilts done in the time period...  anyone familiar with competitive marching band, well, I did more than flags this year, but will save that for tomorrows post.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quilts as Presents

Hi! I actually have still been sewing!  I completed my Layer Cake 1-2-3 quilt from Katie Jump fabrics. 

I made both my daughters quilts from my stash of this line for Christmas and had started this one for me, however, my mother saw it and commented how much she liked it, so she got it for Mothers Day. 

I apologize for the resolution, I don't know why these pictures are so bad.  
Since I already gave both quilts away I can not re-take them. 

The second quilt is a scrappy log cabin I completed for my nephew as a college graduation present. 

The backing is flannel wood grain print, super snugly!

Friday, April 11, 2014


This quilt has been sitting for a couple years, half done.
I am not sure why I was putting off working on it, I love the material in this line, Acadia by Moda,  and I added several others from my stash, mainly some Joel Dewberry prints.

The back was a great deal I found at Joann's and I love how it coordinates.
This is the 3rd of 5 quilts that I have completed and sitting on a chair waiting for me to sandwich, quilt and complete.  
I got a tad distracted and started cutting on my horded stash of Bonnie and Camille yesterday before moving on to the next quilt in the waiting pile. 
I am trying to make a deal with myself that I can finish cutting, but must then clear the table and sandwich/quilt one from the pile before I start sewing something new.