Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6/1 WIP

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Well, its been a month since I posted anything... good thing I have a couple items to show for it.... but for the most part I have not been sewing.


This is the Snippets Pinwheels that has been on the sitting list since the list started. I got these blocks sewen together with a quick Kona Cotton border so that I could use it to practice FMQ on my new Juki. It did take a little to get used to the speed of the Juki so I am glad I took the time to practice before moving to some thing larger. The backing is a pretty 30 inspired print that I thought picked up the colors well and my favorite Papaya Konna for binding.

New Projects:

I started on my Hands2Hands charity quilt.... combining the 8 FQ's I was sent with some solids from my stash.


Still working on my Vintage Juki Spring quilt. I have 2, 1/4 sections done and the last 2 sections are both in progress.

I also got a couple more blocks done for the Bottled Rainbow, but I am very behind.

American Jane blocks: Hour Glass Pot holders : Pinwheel Quilt Along : Hope Valley QAL : Stamp QAL :Chubby Stars QAL : Leaves D9P : Mandy's fence : HST: New Wave

Stats for week: New Projects - 1 : Completed - 1 : WIP - 12