Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Juki Spring UFO

This is my UFO completion for the month of April.

I started this about a year ago as the inaugural project for my new Juki sewing machine. The fabrics were all 'vintage' calico's from my storage box, one I remember making a dress from in high school and my 30 year reunion is this year... that makes them (and me) old!  All things combined that make the name of this quilt Vintage Juki Spring. 

Its large, a generous queen size, approx 85x85.  I FMQ in a large stipple type design.... love to do that, so relaxing!  I asked my husband to hold it, but typical male, he had to involve tools and got out c clamps to hang it from the deck off his office.  I think it looks pretty and my just leave it there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP 4/25

New starts this week: none yet, but a stack of fabric is calling my name
Worked on this past week:

Juki Spring, a UFO that will be a completed project soon!

Completed this past week:  nothing

Sitting quietly this week: Rainbow blocks, Chubby Stars QAL, American Jane blocks, 36 patch QAL, HST project, New Wave, Pinwheel Sampler, Hope Valley round-and-round QAL, postage stamp, Granny, Swoon

WIP Stats for week: new starts-0, completed- 0, total WIP's outstanding - 12

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My stalker girl story

After an exciting season, Guard is over and I get to concentrate on sewing again. 

The girls took thier show on the road, and I went too... to Dayton, Ohio for the Winter Guard International World Championships!  It was a great trip with the girls competing well in a class up from where they started the year. They got bumped up mid season, penalized for doing well....  but this parent is not bitter :)  They got lots of possitive feedback on thier exciting and entergetic show... and .. guess who I saw at one of thier performances? 

Yep!  I saw Jay McCarroll!  Star of Project Runway and creator of several fabric lines... including what seems to be everyones favorite this year, Habitat. And yes, I was stalker fan girl... totally cool when he was 2 feet from me, then giggling when I got back saying 'guess who I saw, guess who I saw'....  unfortunatly none of the other parents or girls had a clue who I was talking about.... except our dirrector who responded with, ' Jay, oh, he's my friend, I marched with him'....

WHAT?  yep, look at the bio, Jay is a marching band geek! Who knew?

I am working on a WIP that is about an year old...  I WILL have it done to share somewhere on Friday....  with no flags and shows I have all this spare time :)