Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My stalker girl story

After an exciting season, Guard is over and I get to concentrate on sewing again. 

The girls took thier show on the road, and I went too... to Dayton, Ohio for the Winter Guard International World Championships!  It was a great trip with the girls competing well in a class up from where they started the year. They got bumped up mid season, penalized for doing well....  but this parent is not bitter :)  They got lots of possitive feedback on thier exciting and entergetic show... and .. guess who I saw at one of thier performances? 

Yep!  I saw Jay McCarroll!  Star of Project Runway and creator of several fabric lines... including what seems to be everyones favorite this year, Habitat. And yes, I was stalker fan girl... totally cool when he was 2 feet from me, then giggling when I got back saying 'guess who I saw, guess who I saw'....  unfortunatly none of the other parents or girls had a clue who I was talking about.... except our dirrector who responded with, ' Jay, oh, he's my friend, I marched with him'....

WHAT?  yep, look at the bio, Jay is a marching band geek! Who knew?

I am working on a WIP that is about an year old...  I WILL have it done to share somewhere on Friday....  with no flags and shows I have all this spare time :)


  1. Love those costumes on the girls.
    Look forward to seeing what you create now that you have some free time.

  2. Those Rosie the Riveter costumes are cute. I don't watch Project Runway, but I know it's fun when you see someone from TV in real life. Two feet away...did you get an autograph?

  3. We missed you! But I'm sure you had a fun time, and now sewing will be so much more enjoyable after the break! Welcome back!