Monday, December 20, 2010

Stash Report

I missed getting this done on Sunday but my list was getting too long to wait any longer.

Do you start buying for next Christmas the day after the holiday so you take advantage of the sales? Well, that's kinda what I did with the holiday fabrics that went on sale the last couple of weeks. Stocking up for next year.

I got these lovelies on sale for under $4 a yard from Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Full disclosure, I have decided this was not enough so I have another order in transit as well. I also got some Alexander Henry Merry Modern since was just sure it is going to be all gone very soon.

So, here is the list of fabric that came in over the last two weeks:

Order from Fresh Squeezed - 6.5 yard
Order from Fabric Shack including Merry Modern and Kona for Hope quilt - 5.5 yards
Ikea table cloth fabric in red and grey - 7
Ikea Snow Bears in green for Christmas Quilt back and red for stash - 9
American Jane FQ's at LQS - 2 yards
Kona for WIP and stash (40% 0ff at Hancock's till Christmas) - 8 yards

Total in = 38 yards

I do have somethings to show for all that though.... Here's what got completed in the last two weeks:

Coffee Cozies - .5
Table cloth & runners - 3.5
Bottle bags - 1.5
Fenced in Hope quilt - 8
Christmas Quilt - 14

Total out = 27.5

That's in increase of 10.5 for the reporting period... but, I expect that next week will turn this tide as I finish up the last of the gifts and clean house on some WIP I have outstanding.

Anyone else have some QAL's that are hanging out still? Getting them done are at the top of my list for the new year..... and none of them require new fabric so I will have no excuses!

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  1. Um yeah... Just read my last post. I have bought way too much Christmas sale fabric this year. I've never had any in the stash so I most definitely remedied that!