Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Stash

I bought the owls on a whim, no project in mind ....then while driving home from Thanksgiving it occurred to me that I could make my girls quilts for Christmas... I almost had the others to be gifted done and I would have almost 2 week of them still on school when I could work on them in stealth mode.... and I was sure I had fabrics at home to work with. (this would be an understatement)

When we got home I started pulling fabrics to go with the owls. My youngest is not a girly girl and she recently painted her room bright green... like the bright green owls. I wanted to make something that matched, but didn't glow..... maybe something to neutralize the current glow factor.... I am excited to got cutting on this... Its going to be a d9p featuring the owls.

While driving home I also started thinking about how much fabric I bought on the trip... 18.5 yards to be exact. I decided to start tracking my in/out with a goal of over all fabric reduction in the coming year. I am going to start now so that I don't mistakenly think December is a freebie month and start stocking up in preparation ... yes, I would do that.... it will also let me start counting with the gifts that are in progress so that I have all the 'grey area' cleared for the new year.
So, here goes... for this week:
Fabric in - 18.5 yards
Fabric out - secret project, 5 yards + 2 charm packs (1.5yds)
Net - Increase of 12 yards


  1. you've the got the makings of a great quilt there. Love the owl fabric.

  2. I love the colors you've chosen!! That's going to be an adorable quilt!!

  3. I love your owl fabrics. DP9's are a great quick quilts and look great.

  4. the owl fabric is too cute, and if you have already fabric that goes with it, may be it should not can tell you are not the only one with the fabric addiction!
    thanks for visiting.