Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 - Lists and Goals

Elizabeth at Don't call me Betsy did a great list and linky party of 2011 goals and intentions. I was inspired to document what has been floating around in my head the past couple days as that things I want to work on first in the new year.

1. Complete misc projects in progress:

These two baby quilts have been sitting for awhile and are at the top of the list.

This double hour glass is waiting patiently to be sandwiched and quilted. I also have a quilt that I refer to as Strawberry Fields that needs attention.

2. Complete 2010 QALs

Recognize any of these? These are the 4 QALs that I started in 2010 ... I have agreed that the postage stamp will be a life long project, but the others must be completed before I join any new QAL parties ... well, lets amend that... at least one must be completed.

3. 2010 swap

These are my two blocks and in the bags are the ones I received from the no-sew swap. Full disclosure, I have another set too that is light green and dark pink. I would like to get these done and maybe donate the quilts.

4. New projects

Two new projects that I would like to start, but only after I have made progress on the others above... uhm... yes, I already started cutting the one which I guess makes it officially a WIP rather than a new project.

That gets me through 12 quilts, all of which I still love and am excited about.... ok, maybe not the swap ones so much... I have my eye on AmandaJean's Zig Zag quilt and that may work its was in here as well. I will be posting and sharing my progress on these at WIP Wednesday and Friday Sew and Tell.


  1. Diane, if you want a home for the swap quilt blocks where they will be finished and donated to a good cause, you can send them to me for our quilt ministry! Then you'll be a lot closer to those two new projects..... ;-)

  2. Oooh, tell me more about that last photograph - what book is that from? That layout and your scraps look just lovely. I'm so sorry the linky closed before you could link up, thanks for sharing your list! :)

  3. Good luck Di with all you projects for 2011. Do we (quilters) every finish all our projects. LOL
    I also have a postage stamp one which is a continuous WIP.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas.