Thursday, December 9, 2010

wip ---- thursday?

I tired and tried to get myself together to get this post up Wednesday, but it didn't happen. Luck for me Lee at Freshly Pieced keeps her WIP forum open a little past the calendar day for slackers like me!

I have a couple of new projects I started on this week...

These are quilts started for DD1 and DD2. They are both going to be simple and I hope to work on the blocks in between other projects and have them ready to put together sometime next week.

Have you seen the cute, cute, cute pillow that Amy made? Well I decided I needed one so I traced my circles and cut them out during intermission of the Middle School band concert last night.

I made a bit of progress on my projects I shared last week. The secret priority project made it to the mail....I will share pictures when I hear it has been received.

I also got all the blocks done and put together for both the Fenced Hope and My Christmas quilts, now working on backing.

After travelling to the 5 stores that I 'might' have bought the Kona cotton at for Fenced Hope and not finding it, I am waiting for an order in the mail and hoping it will match and then I can get the borders on and move ahead towards completion as this will be mail bound.

I am also working on 6 wine bags and 5 coffee cup cozies for hubbys work gifts. I always try to jazz up his bottles of wine and gift cards with a little handmade goodie.

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  1. No worries about the late post! It looks like you made some great progress since last week, so you are definitely excused! : )

    I am just loving everything here! The Christmas quilt and Fenced Hope quilt are both gorgeous!! I saw that felt circle pillow too, it is too adorable, but of course that's the last thing I need to be working on right now.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Have a productive week!

  2. I am with Lee, loving everything! First...the owl fabric I love! Your string quilt is beautiful! That is on my to-do list...but will probably have to wait until 2011. Cup cozies are on my list for Christmas this year as well. Can't wait to see yours.

    Have a great week!

  3. All these projects look amazing! I have the owls in pink (that was one of those fabrics that was too cute to pass up), but have no clue what to do with them, so I may do a little quiltlifting when I see your finished product. :)
    Great progress!