Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quilt along progress

Yesterday and today I spent my sewing time catching up on the Crazy Mom Quilts quilt along #5. I had gotten distracted (and overwhelmed by week 3 which was cutting out 490 square sets) and was a tad behind. (stuck on week 2 with a little 4 patch square)

When this weeks edition was posted I noted that I was behind and Amanda Jean responded with a note that I could catch up :) taking this as a challenge, I was off.

I must admit that I did skip most of week 1 which was cutting white strips. I figured I could do that as I went along although her directions would had cut fabric left overs. To get over the hump I pieced and stripped and cut and assembled all at once rather than as separate steps, but the end result is I am now caught up and have most of my square sets cut.

The Hope Valley jelly roll only had 24 strips, the pattern requires 31, so I have the 24 done plus I cut up a couple charm squares. I now need to plan ahead to what I want to do with the back to determine if I want to cut up more charm squares or cut into some fabric I have. I think I am going to do a little of both, leaving enough charm squares to do a strip across the back.


  1. That is a seriously cute quilt! I may have to rethink joining in on this one!! Nice work....

  2. It is so nice to see "her" influence out there in blogland again. I do really like the looks of this one, must. hold. back. Your stacks are awfully pretty, though!

  3. I loved that quilt on AmandaJean's blog and save the quilt-along posts to do some time when more irons are out of the fire. I think your quilt is great; good job on catching up quickly!

  4. VERY cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to "meet" new friends!

  5. Super cute! How's your's coming along? I just finally finished up week six and have one strip ready for week 7. Hoping for more progress next week.