Monday, September 13, 2010

Touch of Comfort

I completed this quilt a couple weeks ago, but it seemed to take a week to get pictures and another week to get them loaded.

Sad truth is that my blog is pretty down the list of priorities these days. I find time to look at other here and there, but actually sitting down and getting a post done seems like a formidable task.

This came as a kit with a patterns and all materials except the batting and the binding from Downy Touch of Comfort, Quilts for Kids. It is super sweet Micheal Miller fabrics and I was able to use some of my favorite MM clown stripes for the binding. I have another one in the works from fabrics from my stash. When it is done as well they will both be in the mail.


  1. Lovely bright fabrics! Love the first picture of it blowing in the breeze.

  2. Those quilts are so much fun to make and such a great cause!! Good work!!

  3. I am making my third quilt for Downy and am loving the fabrics that they send. One of them I am working on is to stay in my state and go to a Childrens Hospital here. These quilts are so east to make and I love the thought that some child in a hospital will get the comfort from a special quilt.

  4. This quilt is super cute. Super eye-popping!

  5. Cute quilt!
    I recognized this pattern--I've made 2 like this, this year. :)