Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair

I completed my County Fair quilt top.

It is queen sized and made from Denyse Schmidt's County Fair fabric line which is deco weight.

I had used pieces of the fabric in projects but have never done a whole quilt in this weight before. It will have to wait until it cools down a little to get quilted because it is a little hot to work with right now since it is heavier that nice crisp quilting cottons. The other thing I found that differentiated it from standard quilting cottons is that it frayed quite a bit more.

The pattern is 1-2-3 from Amy Ellis Modern Basics book. I wish I could comment on the pattern and directions but it is such a simple quilt I basically only used the pattern for the dimensions to cut the pieces.
The stunning pictures of the quilt in the book inspired me as I really wanted to do something simple with this fabric... I love how the top turned out.


  1. I think sometimes a simple pattern is all that is needed to showcase some favourite fabrics. This has turned out so pretty Diane!

  2. It did finish well, nothing like the ease of a simple one to boost your desire. The fabric looks great in the pattern, too, a good showcase!

  3. There are so many yummy fabrics in your quilt top. Great finish!I love a design that shows off the gorgeous fabrics.