Monday, March 18, 2013

My Machines

Stacy over at The Tilted Quilt is having a Blog Hop and linky party to share what kind of machines we all have.  I scrolled through several and have decided as soon as I am done with this post I need to head to the thrift shop.

This is my work horse, where I do all my FMQ.  I have done quilts that are up to 100 x 100 inches in its lovely large throat.  Straight stitch only, she has a 1/4 inch foot as well a walking foot that I use for binding. 

This machine gets used alot too, my Bernina 1080, about 20 yrs old.   It is the machine I use to make all the flags for band.  It has lots of stitches but I use only the zig zag and what I call a running serpentine, which is a wavy straight stitch.

The next three machines I got at Goodwill for about $30 each.  The Singer and the Belvedere each came with tables for that price.  The Singer has an instruction booklet that says it is a 201 model 2. It also came with accessory case and button hole kit. I hear this is a good machine to FMQ but have not yet really used it.
I call this the green beauty.  I bought her strictly for the lovely color.  She does work, took her for a general check up with minimal repairs, but she burn oil like crazy and stinks. Her heritage is that of a Japanese clone, one of many nock off Singer model 15s made post war in the industrialization effort.  
Last is the Italian beauty, made by Necchi in Italy shortly before they moved production.  I love the sleek lines of this machine, it shouts 1950's to me. The repair man told me it will be impossible to get parts, he cannibalized one he had to get her running initially. For now she works great, I actually pieced quite a few quilts on her as she has the sweetest straight stitch ever, but she is finicky, after moving her it takes awhile to get her back on track.
I have one more machine, a Kenmore that I got for Christmas in HS, 30 years ago.  She is fantastic and I took her to the family cabin to use there when on vacation.  Oh, I have a babylock serger also.  I use it sometimes to trim and clean the edges of a quilt before binding.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my little collection.  I have several machines that I would like to add, like a Singer Rocket or a pink Atlas (saw one for $20 at goodwill and kick myself when I think about not getting it!)  I also kinda covet a turquoise Hello Kitty Janome. 
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  1. You have a lovely collection of machine, when I searching for a good used machine in 2000 the Bernina 1080 was at the top of my list but I didn't have any luck in finding one.

  2. Awesome collection!! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up today. This has been such a fun hop - I'm thinking I DEFINITELY need to find some vintage machines to add to my sewing room.

  3. How fun...I'm glad you linked up. I'm really enjoying seeing all of these beautiful machines! Sometimes goodwill is great, other times not. I have found two nice machines recently. I resold them both...because hubby would not be happy for me to keep them in our tiny space. I hope you find something while you're out shopping...or check Craigslist, if there's one in your area...there are always fun, vintage machines on ours.

    Have a great day.

  4. Hello Diane,

    Just popped in on the blog hop. Congratulations on your Singer 201 - and it even came with a buttonholer!

    Love from England,

  5. OOooh - a 201!! Beautiful!!
    I'm so happy you decided to link up with us for the Machine Hop - I hope you had as much fun posting as I did reading!
    Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy

  6. I have a Singer 201-2 also and love it. It was my mother's and I grew up learning to sew on it. But, I've never quilted on it, just used it for sewing clothes, household items, and quilts. I'd love to hear your experiences of free-motion quilting with your Singer 201-2.