Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bring it on!

 Bring on the winter cold and quilting!  I am prepared!

Last year I DVR'd and watched the initial 7+ seasons of NCIS and all of Burn Notice, watching most of them while sewing and quilting.  At one time I had 78 episodes on NCIS stored on DVR! Since then there have been issues with the DVR (piece of junk), but have been managing through the fall using on demand to see a couple series, entertaining me while sewing, but got inspired today and decided to branch out! 
In addition to jumping on the Downton Abbey band wagon, I also got season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones.  After some research, determined that 'season 1' (Dr.9) is the place to jump into Dr. Who! 
BBC America graciously had a one hour special on what you need to know to watch the Dr. that explained enough that I think we are ready to go...  wish I had watched it first and I would have jumped in at Dr. 10, but I plan to watch Dr. 9 while sewing and if it is as good as its supposed to be I will bring hubby in at regeneration. 

This is the Arcadia quilt that I dug out and will be the first in the video series.  Just a note to myself and anyone else who may benefit, when setting aside a project for hiatus, make a little sketch or notes on what your plan was.  I spent 20 min looking at the blocks and trying to figure out what I was doing before being able to pick up progress.
Last,  a shout out to the serger, great little thing.  She will be headed to the sewing machine spa tomorrow for a long overdue cleaning.  Best I can figure I have had her close to 20 years and have never had her serviced/cleaned.  I have been using her to give a clean finish to quilt edges after quilting before binding. The spot on the front is glue from the name emblem that melted and dripped when we moved here 10 years ago.. I expect a little WD40 will take it off, but have never gotten around to it. My hope is that when I get her back in a couple weeks that will be gone and I will have 3-4 quilt tops quilted and ready for her to zip around.

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