Friday, April 11, 2014


This quilt has been sitting for a couple years, half done.
I am not sure why I was putting off working on it, I love the material in this line, Acadia by Moda,  and I added several others from my stash, mainly some Joel Dewberry prints.

The back was a great deal I found at Joann's and I love how it coordinates.
This is the 3rd of 5 quilts that I have completed and sitting on a chair waiting for me to sandwich, quilt and complete.  
I got a tad distracted and started cutting on my horded stash of Bonnie and Camille yesterday before moving on to the next quilt in the waiting pile. 
I am trying to make a deal with myself that I can finish cutting, but must then clear the table and sandwich/quilt one from the pile before I start sewing something new. 


  1. I make deals with myself too! It sure does feel good to get a quilt finished. I wonder what you are going to make with your Bonnie and Camille fabrics...

  2. You gotta go with the muse... the energy will carry you through. I say, do what's fun first! LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color!

  3. You're sure getting a lot done! I especially love your scrappy 'trip"