Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quilts as Presents

Hi! I actually have still been sewing!  I completed my Layer Cake 1-2-3 quilt from Katie Jump fabrics. 

I made both my daughters quilts from my stash of this line for Christmas and had started this one for me, however, my mother saw it and commented how much she liked it, so she got it for Mothers Day. 

I apologize for the resolution, I don't know why these pictures are so bad.  
Since I already gave both quilts away I can not re-take them. 

The second quilt is a scrappy log cabin I completed for my nephew as a college graduation present. 

The backing is flannel wood grain print, super snugly!


  1. Love scrappy Log Cabins--I build them by the dozen and then make various items with them. My last batch had 85 and they are all used up now, Time to start building more and you have inspired me; thanks.

  2. Hi Diane! I keep checking back and tonight I was rewarded with a new post! Loved seeing your quilts...you've been busy. I haven't sewed in a long time...so much going on not quilt related. Maybe once the garden produce is canned and trips are over, I can enjoy quilting again.