Thursday, November 13, 2014

Whatever it takes!

Well, this was the culmination of the last few months efforts by these wonderful students!
My daughter the just to the left of the girl in magenta. 

These were the big flags, the team made 60 of them.  When I say big, I mean big impact, we actually made BIG flags, 80" x 120" too!
Group shot with Alamo Done in background.
This year I did more than flags.  See the bling on these uniforms?  That is crystal tape that was hand sewn on.  Between another mom and I we did all 4 drum majors (conductor, not drum player), averaging 12 hours per uniform. Go ahead, zoom in, I hope the details of those points is visible.
We also made 12 add hoc uniforms.  We were requested to take uniform with white shoulders and get rid of the white. After some inventive attempts of dye  and some use of spray paint we ended up cutting the white off  (old uniforms) and sewing lower section onto extra dark uniforms.  Crazy!
We added the gold trim to give a little contrast with the gray on gray on top of "m".

Sew/So, this is my last year as a band parents.  Its been lots of work but I will miss it. 
It has definitely encouraged creative thinking, or as is our parent motto,
"whatever it takes".


  1. On my goodness what a jouney you have had! You have done such a wonderful job to make the flags and uniforms.

  2. Those points, and the overall look is very well done. Believe me, I feel blessed to be a seamstress when that kind of job needs to be done, and the money isn't there to pay for it professionally. So that means we are not professionals since we don't get paid, right? ....Well, except for those loving hugs from our own kids, and that makes it all go back to being blessed that you can help!

  3. Whew, you've been up to your elbows in it, haven't you? Well done on all the flags and uniform revamping!