Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas quilt 2014

I love this pattern!  Can you tell?  Its the Moda Love free pattern,  same one used for the last quilt I posted. 
Its a super easy layer cake (10') format and I think for an 'easy' quilt it makes an impact.
 This is the 5th year that I have made a Christmas quilt.  Its become a tradition I am liking, making something for me!
I did cheat a little this year and actually made two.  I made this one with the scraps from the star quilt.  I didn't have a layer cake but was cutting either FQ or lengths that I had and was left with a nice pile of strips, perfect for an improve strip quilt.  Sam took it back to college when she returned form Thanksgiving break, for a bit of Christmas cheer in the dorms.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt, and ya gotta love a two-fer! The second one is just as nice. Love the colors and fabrics you used. Both quilts look seasonal but don't scream "put me away on January 1."

  2. I love hearing about these traditions we create for ourselves. I always try and do something handmade for gifts. This year though, for lots of reasons, I didn't start as early as I normally do. Geez it has been a bit stressful but it is done now. Your quilts look so lovely and to get two Christmas quilts made, well that is just fantastic.