Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WIP and adding to the stash pile

I may be getting carried away with the table runner phase of the program. These are the 5 projects that I am actively working on, all of which are table runners.

I think I am in a rut!

While out running errands yesterday I decided to go hit the Goodwill store. Then since I was so close to the freeway, why not head to that quilt store in the next town I had only been to once. Then, since I was already on the freeway and it was only a little way further, why not head to the fabric liquidator store in the industrial/import area. Ever do that? Head to the dry cleaners and 2 hours later your heading home with stuff that was not on the list? Lucky for me this little detour is only about 30 miles out of the way, but not in the normal flight path for this suburban mom.

Here are my finds. None are slated for a purpose yet other than to join my stash pile.


  1. ooooh, pretty fabrics! I have that michael miller garden tour too, but in brown! so, so pretty!

  2. Pretty fabrics. My favorite is the pink

  3. Love the fabrics here, and they turned out wonderful! RICK RACK is a great idea. Stephanie

  4. I understand your way of thinking and going and doing it. I did a similiar thing on Wednesday. Had to drive 20 miles to the library and turned around and drove 40 miles the other way to go to 1/2 price room of a quilt store! Came home with 4 yards of background fabric! Having a car and a day off is wonderful! Love the fabric you bought!

  5. Love the blocks--can'ts wait to see the runners. Love the fabric too--I just love everything! Keep up the great blogs; I am sure you will!

  6. Do you know I never have a project in mind when I buy fabric. It is always for colour :-))
    I just love the colour of scrap
    Have a great weekend and enjoy blogging