Thursday, December 10, 2009

Progress on not one, but two projects!

I have snuck into my sewing room here and there in between band concerts, Christmas shopping, dentist appointments, ortho (dd1 broke her new retainer after having it THREE days!!)... yes that is why I have been sneaking into the sewing room :)...

My squares for the baby quilt are done and all trimmed. I got a rotating mat and it made the trim job a breeze! I always hated having to reposition the blocks and truth be told, often skimped on the task, but this thing is great because you position the block, cut and rotate to cut another side.

I got the thing because I thought it would be handy on the wonky strip quilt... I finally made fabric decisions, cut and got the strips sewen and pressed... ready to cut. That center strip is the County Fair that had me tied in knots because it is almost a light canvas, but I think it is working great. The seams pressed well and it does not stand out from the other materials.

After the progress on these, I am hating to leave the house for anything. I want to just lock myself in my little room, but.... a visit to the post office and the auto shop are in my future today. We are fortunate that the weather is just cold, no ice or snow. A beautiful crisp winter day!
Everyone stay warm!

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  1. I think finding time to quilt this month is a real challenge for all of us! The holidays are wonderful . . . but I'm already dreaming of January and quilting, February and quilting, March and quilting . . . :o)