Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to the Post Office

This is all headed to the post office! There is the bunch of Christmas scraps headed to the winner (finally), 200 I spy squares for Wendy's swap, and 10 noodles for 2 different swaps hosted by I'm just a guy who quilts on Swap-bot. I have the blocks for the siggy swap done too! This is going to be a fun next couple of weeks getting all the returns on these swaps!

These are the 10 sets of 20 4" squares for the I spy swap. This will probably end up as a charity donation quilt since my 12 & 15 year old girls don't play I spy much these days and I cringe at the thought of starting projects for 'one day' grand children.

I know that the west coast is getting lots of rain, and other parts of the country are still in the middle of winter, but it was in the low 70's here today.... perfect because I needed to defrost my freezer in the garage and I found that impossible last week when it was in the low 20's!

Whatever the weather, hope you are enjoying a great day!


  1. Hey there Diane!
    I love your fabrics!
    Especially the houses!
    I can hardly wait now!

  2. It seems like I go to the post office a lot since I started blogging. lol Lots going out.

  3. Cute houses! I just sent a pack of ispy blocks off to Care - I made it into her group. Packages in the mail is always fun!