Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First post of 2010!

What took 4 days to do, we did in 2 for the the return trip. After 2 weeks away, we were ready to be home!

I did a little knitting on the way home. For some reason I had these needles in the truck so I figured I should use them. I ran out of yarn after a couple hundred miles but was able to find some yesterday so this will be my project for rest of BCS bowl games.

I have not forgotten the Christmas scrap giveaway and will get the winner notifications out so the packages can hit the mail by end of week.

One of my goals for this year is to participate in some swaps, challenges and quilt alongs and the No Sew Block Swap hosted by Kathleen will be my first! I found it when Jane posted about it on her blog so I wondered, for those of you that do these,how do you find the activities to participate in? I know there are a couple blogs that list swaps, do you use those or do you just stumble on them like I did with this one?

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  1. Wonderful photo of the Grand Canyon. I've never heard of a no sew block swap, so I went over and read about it. That's a great idea so all of your blocks match up. I have 2 sets of blocks from a swap that I haven't put together because they're all different. Will evently get them together.