Saturday, January 26, 2013

I don't always...

I don't always pay full price for fabric
(actually hardly ever),
But when I do,
It better be good!
Why do I wait 2 years after a fabric comes out then decide I MUST have it? 
I was lucky that the only place on this continent that I found using google search that had at least two of the three colorways for this print was 30 miles from my house.  I only found 3 other places in the US that had one or the other... 
Friday I drove down and got them.


  1. I love the typewriter fabric. I have contemplated buying some, but can't thing of anything special to make with it other than a zipper bag. Any special plans for yours, or just for the stash?

  2. I love this fabric. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for it.

  3. My dad gave me a Smith Corona typewriter that looked just like that blue one for Christmas one year. I was about 16 and had just started taking typing and shorthand classes, and I loved typing! I still have the picture taken of me on Christmas morning with the widest smile ever after opening it! I've never seen this fabric, but it definitely brings back memories!

  4. I have seen bloggers using that fabric and it is cute. glad you found some.