Monday, January 7, 2013

Scrappy Trip and Binding Choices

Well, I caved, I started my own Scrappy Trip Along.  There is a huge flicker group dedicatedto this project  and you can't press enter on a blog these days without seeing another.  You may note that rather than using 6 strips, I went with 7.  It messes up the seam nesting a little, but it makes for a larger block and  I was aiming for a large queen aprox 100 x 100.  I say WAS aiming because, well, we'll see.
I got started on the project because I figured it was a good way to clear out some scraps which means fewer to sort for a cleaning of the sewing room.  Somewhere along the line I noted that my pile of too skinny too short strips was bigger than those to be used so I started sewing string blocks too.  I already had about 50 paper pieces cut with white centers ready to go so this was not as crazy as it seems.  I like having multiple things going at once so I sew the strips for the first quilt, then sew strings on each side of the string blocks then iron everything then move to the next on each.  Quilting ADD at its finest.

Meanwhile, I did get my UFO quilt quilted and got stuck on bindings.  The pink print is the back and I wanted to coordinate it with the Kona Steel background on the front.  I bought the first pink, too bright, next was a little more subdued, but not perfect, then I found Pomegranate, the darker of the three... perfect.  Now I need to get it going again before I am completely consumed with strips and strings.

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