Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gifts x2

I have made my girls quilts for Christmas most years since I started quilting again about 5 years ago.
This year I decided to make them twin quilts from the Katie Jump Rope fabric that I had setting out...  I had no idea I had collected so much of this fabric, pretty sure I am going to end up with a total of 5 quilts from my  stash.

One was done using the layer cake lemonade, the other is a rail quilt since I had lots of strips.  Both quilts are done completely front and back with Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope fabric, all of the prints except the green basket weave. snow Kona added as the solid.

My youngest had told me earlier in the week that she likes the quilts that have a more open quilting pattern as it makes them loser and softer, so I did hers in the figure eight loop that Denyse Schmidt often uses, figured it was appropriate.

I gave the quilts to the girls a week ago so they could use them on our Christmas trip and they both drug them on a 8 hour car ride and slept with them the whole time.  I think they like them!


  1. Your girls are adorable. Beautiful quilts! Love that fabric. How nice to get feedback on the type of quilting that makes a quilt cozy. So where was the Christmas trip to?

  2. Sich perky and colorful quilts for your girls. They look so happy in the picture. Love the two designs. They show off the colors so well. I would lovely take a long trip snuggled up in one of them. They look so yummy and cozy. Wonderful security quilts. genie