Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everyone loves a break!

I didn't expect this break to be quite so long ....... where has the summer gone?

The Honduras Mission trip was inspiring. This is one of the villages we went to and the water supply for the village, a hose bib like most of us have in our yard.

The team helped Honduran nationals complete one church building and got a good start on a second which was finished the next week by some who stayed and some reinforcements that came in fresh.

In addition we worked 5 medical brigades including doctor consultations, dental and optometry. This is my husband taking the pulse rate of a little guy.

The team also visited a Mayan ruin site.

We were only gone for a week, but it took several days to acclimate once we returned but we are now back in the swing and anticipating the start of school.

My oldest is in band this year as part of the color guard. This is a huge big deal around here as the high school has won the last two state championships it has competed in. I am getting on board with the activities associated like car pool to the practices (past two week 7:30-11:30, 1-5, 6:30-9 every day and evening session on Saturday night too!) and making custom flags for the group.

This is one of my first flags to assemble..I made 4.. we will be making about 250 flags (6 different designs) by the seasons end. Its made from a poly silk and to prevent fraying the pieces must be cut with a wood burning tool to fuse the edges.
I have done some quilty stuff and will share that tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great summer.


  1. there is nothing quite like this kind of trip...

    I bet your family was profoundly impacted... good job Mama. I hope the people you worked with were blessed as well.

  2. What a rewarding trip.Great work guys.

  3. What a great trip. I am sure it meant a lot for the people there to know someone cares about them.
    Whoa, that is a lot of flags to make.