Thursday, August 12, 2010

My new baby!

Yes, I did it again. I visited the local thrift shop and came home with a new/old sewing machine.

And lookie! He came with a manual, all the original attachments, and a button hole kit!

All the gold leaf is in great condition, motor works, crank works, bobbin was there and it looks like it was just serviced!

It is a 201, which a little google research indicates is a jewel of a machine.
And I even love the table it came in!!! One leg is a little wobbly, but that can be fixed.

And this is what I am working on till more flags are ready to be assembled. I really need a design wall. My floor is not doing it for me for laying out and previewing :(


  1. The 201 is very popular with quilters. It is gear driven, and very strong. Plus, the space under the arm is a bit larger than normal machines. You did good!

  2. What a beauty, Diane! It presents well, so shiny and cool! I like your tumbler project, too. So, do you not like the up and down of floor planning, or is it the design help of a four legged kind?
    :-} pokey

  3. Love the machine.
    I have a great design wall. A plastic table cloth on a curtain rod. LOL works well.