Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP 3/30

I actually sat at my sewing machine and got something done, well not done, but made progress.....

Completed: Nothing New Projects: None


We established last week that buying fabric was making progress, so I made a LOT of progress this week. I started swapping too, gathering fabrics for a new quilt that is all mapped out in my head.

Rather than cut in to my new goodies, I restrained myself and worked on a project I had already started, but it feels new since I changed it up so much.

I pulled out my American Jane fabric Peas & Carrots that I had cut for the Square One quilt from Camile Roskelley's Simplify book and started messing with them. After taking another look at the pattern I reminded myself that I hated sashing and that was why the pinwheels blocks had been sitting idle for over a year.

So I took the original block design and added a round of solid, a print and another solid to the block. This will be a queen size quilt so the 15 inch block will work much better than the original 6 inch block. I added some Wee Play, Recess, and Punctuation to the mix of fabrics to balance the colors I had.


Hour Glass Pot holders : Pinwheel Quilt Along : Hope Valley QAL : Stamp QAL :Chubby Stars QAL : Snippet Pinwheels : Leaves D9P : Mandy's fence : HST

Stats for week: New Projects - 0 : Completed - 0 : WIP - 10


  1. Yay for swapping! And for progress!

    Happy Wip Wed!

  2. I just love vintage-style fabrics, that quilt is going to be fantastic. I especially like that blue with the orange flowers on the left in your first picture.

  3. haha! If buying is progress, than I must seriously be in the lead! Love it!

  4. Oooh, pretty blocks! And cute, cute fabric. Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!