Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alabama VS Baylor

No, this is not about a football game, its about a quilt that I don't think will ever be made.
I had this stack building for a quilt for my daughter...
Crimson Red with Houndstooth, perfect for her first year of college at University of Alabama

Alabama has been her first choice college since her visit last July...  She applied and was accepted in August, accepted to the honors program and deposits were paid.  She also applied and was accepted at Oklahoma U (the reds would have been able to work if mixed with some darker reds as well) and Baylor....

Which has taken a fast trip to first choice following a recent visit... it hits many of her criteria, has an excellent honors program, is smaller which she likes,
and its colors are Green and Yellow .....
Glad I had not started cutting yet!

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  1. Good to have so many choices. hope it all works out for her and you will be able to make right colored quilt for her.