Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ganny's Done!

About 6 weeks ago I posted this shot of my design wall taunting me with what I wanted to be working when instead I was sewing flags for the band.. which I also wanted to be doing, maybe just not so much of the time....
Well, its no longer on the design wall, I have finally completed the Granny Squares!

I am so happy with it,  it is so fresh and bright!

I made it from all fabrics that were in my stash, although not all scraps, there are some fabric lengths that now have a 5 inch square missing.

The back is a pretty yellow dot pattern that I had in stash and the binding was a MM graphic print that looks like a basket weave.
Its fate or irony or one of those coincidence things that I complete this quilt today and tonight is the ceremony for the band and my girls will receive their gold medal for winning the State Championships.... performing with those flags that were made while these squares taunted me.


  1. It's lovely! Definitely fresh and bright. Good for you for finishing it! Love that binding too.

  2. Diane~you are so amazingly talented. I am so impressed by the perfection that goes into each project...the straight lines, the color choices, even edges, the stick-to-itiveness. Love the color on the back. Where in the world do you find the time? Very nice!!!

  3. I love it. One of those Grannys is on my list to do!

  4. So pretty! I want to make one of these next year. For now it's back to Christmas sewing.

  5. It's lovely. So glad you got it AND the flags done. Now you can start something new!

  6. Love the Granny quilt - I may have to make this in honor of my first grandchild, due in a few weeks!