Friday, December 14, 2012

Jingle Bells

I got my new tumbler die!
 I had some pieces left from table runners so  I got busy cutting more reddish and greenish fabrics and made me a new Christmas quilt. They are sort of shaped like bells, so that is what I am calling this quilt, Jingle Bells.

I found some more of this lovely flannel at Joann's to use for a backing.  I love this fabric for Christmas quilts.  I backed a few gifts with it last year and now I have one that I get to keep.

The completed size is 50 x 70 which is just right for me on the couch.  My husband can use the original Christmas quilt and I can have my own.... all is well.


  1. Oh! I love it! Someday...I'm going to make myself a FUN Christmas quilt! ;)

  2. Love it. It kind of looks like gumdrops too from farther back. To each his/her own Christmas quilt. Sounds like a peaceful holiday!

  3. I like that quilt. pretty fabrics.

  4. I love it! I have that tumbler die, too. You inspire me to go use it!

  5. Nice use of scraps! Yeah, I am in love with flannel and pinwhale corduroy for Christmas backings.

  6. love it, Diane! I really want to make a tumbler quilt myself...

    Whoop whoop!!