Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm Sewing!

I am doing something new, a T'shirt quilt.  I will admit that in the past couple of years I have had people approach me asking me to make them one for their children with Soccer, Band, Track, whatever shirts they have collected, and I viewed such projects with disdain indicating that is not the type of quilt I make.
Now that my oldest is graduating, I decided to try one with the numerous shirts she has collected, and found this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I approached the project as a way to use fabric from my sizable stash, and presented my daughter with three fabric piles of coordinated fabric.  She liked the orange/blue/yellow/grey, but hated the fabric that I had for backing.

So, I went shopping, and found this fabric at one of the discount warehouses that I love so much.  I took the bolt to the counter for 4 yards and the lady helpfully pointed out that I could buy a whole bolt of 12 yards for only $10 more, $30 total.  Well, that's a deal I could not pass on!

And, as always, one project leads to another.  I got my new quilt book in the mail yesterday and found the perfect pattern to use all the leftover strips from the block borders, my motto being why finish a quilt that is started when you can get another one going!  There was also a nice coupon in the book for 50% off the Craftsy class that I have been wanting to sign up for, what a deal!

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  1. I love the dot fabrics in the t-shirt quilt! I've seen a lot that look so serious with darker sashing (including the one I made for my daughter), but dots add an extra dash (ha) of fun.

    Why finish a quilt when you can start another one, indeed. Seems to be my m.o. lately, at least the "why finish a quilt" part, LOL.