Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Yes, I am working on stuff and there is progress, slow, but progress ....
My oldest got an iPad for graduation from her grandmother and I searched out a pattern to make a sleeve, something to give it some protection and a home in a backpack. 
The pattern I settled on is from One Shabby Chick. 
I have the first one all cut out ready to go, and I have a stack of cute fabrics to make some for all her fiends with iPads or macbooks.  

I did all that while I was supposed to be working on the tshirt quilt.  The blocks are all completed and put together and I have the blocks assembled that will go on the back as well. 
I am procrastinating on the borders and them completing the back which will just be blocking big pieces around the two sets I have put together.... need to get to that...
 This is still sitting out which is a good sign, I have not put it away out of sight to be forgotten.  After finding the perfect color for the border, Kona Cotton Cerise, I kinda fell into a black hole with no inspiration ....  need to work on that.... 

I still have this stack, the pile I started for my my daughters college quilt.  I have not cut into it yet.  Rather than a graduation gift it may be Christmas. I am thinking about using  it for Camille Roskelley's  hashtag pattern that is part of her Craftsy class that I got the coupon for when buying her new book.
Idea on that idea?

Olds list ot WIPS I think are some where in my sewing room :
 Rainbow blocks, Chubby Stars QAL, American Jane blocks, Round & Round, Pinwheel Sampler, postage stamp, Swoon, Arcadia

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  1. Great fabric choice for the iPad cover. Can't wait to see the finished product. I think I am in love with that Kona cerise color.