Monday, January 17, 2011

Raider Nation!

This is my husbands birthday present! And he loves it!

I had this novelty print fabric from a football party that I went all Sanrda Lee and used it as a table runner. If you have seen her show she is all about getting lengths of fabric and draping them around on the table and chairs...

Anyhow, I kept trying to come up with ways to use it in a quilt and was coming up empty until last Sunday morning I woke up and thought 'hey, what if I used some of those grey/black solids?' I decided it was genius and started sewing in a frenzy since his birthday was now only 6 days away and I wanted it to be a surprise which meant stealth sewing.

I used 5,7,9 & 12 inch squares of the print and finished the blocks out to 12" with the solids. The 5" ones I double sashed and some of the 7" I off set so the print is not centered. There are 4 colors of grey, black and white.

I had just enough (didn't plan it) for the print to go the width of the back and combined it with black flannel. I did not pre-wash which made me a little nervous as to if the novelty print would transfer or if the flannel would over shrink, but all came out well and is about 58" x 68". I quilted it out with loopys, black on the back and grey on the front. Binding is Crazy Dots by Kaufman.


  1. Love this! My boyfriend has been begging for a Steelers quilt, so I will be bookmarking this one! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday!

  2. Awesome quilt! I love all the grey solids - it looks fab! I know your husband just loves it!!

  3. this is awesome....i think I can actually envision a Montreal Canadiens version similar . My husband has been torturing me with this forever and I don't know how to put the fabrics so it's not too much, you know?

    this looks great! your husband will love it!

  4. It looks really nice...

    I made a NBA themed quilt for my FIL. It, too, was well received. What is it about men and "team" quilts?! :)

  5. Hello! This quilt looks wonderful! You have made it perfect and the squares fit so well with the greay/black colours! I like very much your other quilts, too!
    Have a lovely day! Teje