Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strawberry Hope

This was Strawberry Fields when it was just a top. Thanks to all those who encouraged me last week to just get a back on this and call it done.... I love the way it turned out!

I knew I wanted to use this Hope Valley print for the back and searched on-line for yardage... finding it on sale at a LQS in Dallas I had not been to, City Craft, so I took a little drive and got it and a couple other Fiesta colorway prints.... I also got to see Greenfield Hill IRL which prompted an order to my favorite etsy store Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.... expect to get it by Friday!!! But I digress....

I have a habit of naming my quilts a combo of the pattern and the fabric so this became Hope Chained, Chained Hope.... didn't like the S&M thing going on there, so I stuck with Strawberry and this is Strawberry Hope. USPS currently has it in addition to Purple Squares, heading to CA to a new baby girl and her Grandmother.

And I had to include this shot of the BIG Texas snow fall we got over the weekend. To be fair this was taken the following day and since it has not gotten above 30 degrees there is still a trace on the ground, but... they interrupted football games to give weather updates on this?


  1. Looooove the colour, it's so nice! All of the fabric is pretty but I especially like the pattern on the back.

  2. It is so pretty! Perfect for a bambino.