Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP 1.11

Its time... time to share WIP, and time to fess up to what I really have going on.

My 2010 posts I focused on Christmas projects and what I was actively working on and getting completed. In my 2011 goals I came clean on some of the WIP I really had stashed away, but sadly I missed some. So, for 2011 I am using Wednesday as the time and place to account for any projects which I have started cutting. (oops, while writing that I just remembered another)

Completed: Purple squares


My hour glass quilt is all quilted and binding is cut and ironed and ready to be attached. I had a set back when my iron died and I had to go buy another, but we are good to go now and this should be done and ready to share on Friday!

I am also keeping to my 5-a-day for the HST Mania quilt that I re-started this week.


I got out an old WIP and have been playing around with it and need some help. This is really old, one that I unpacked from moving so it has not seen action in at least 8 years. In my mind this has always been called Strawberry Fields.

The left picture shows the solid that I had originally paired with it as well as a darker solid and print from my stash. The right picture are the Fiesta prints from Hope Valley which continue to play in my mind for completing this project, so these are the potentials to work with.

Here is where I need help. The piece is 50" square. Should I throw a binding on it (the stripes) and call it good? I have a friend having her first grand baby that I could send it to. Or, should I work up a scrappy patchwork thing around the edges making it bigger and maybe a rectangle?
Sitting: (this is where it gets messy)
  1. Hour Glass Pot holders , Set of 4
  2. Fishies 2, coins
  3. Stamp QAL
  4. Snippet Pinwheels
  5. Leaves D9P
  6. Am Jane Squares

Disclosure - I am not counting Christmas wine bags or circle pillows as both projects have been packed away with Chirstmas fabric until at least August. When they are unpacked, they will join the list.

Stats for week:

New Projects - 0

Completed - 1

WIP - 12


  1. Wow, that's quite a list! That's good though, you have plenty of choices when you want to work on something. : )

    The old WIP: Hmm, that's a tough one. I guess it depends on how much you like it - if the priority is just to finish it up and get it off your list, then I would just bind it and call it good! That would probably be my choice. But a patchwork border would be pretty too.

    Have a great week. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!

  2. Since it's been so long -- bind it and call it good!

    Can't wait to see the double hourglass! :)

  3. I agree with the other ladies, bind it and call it good :) Looks like a great list, can't wait to see them all unfold!

  4. I think a square is nice for a baby quilt, especially if it's been a UFO for a while. Time to finish that baby up! Good luck with it! Happy WiP Wednesday to you :)

  5. My first thought would be IF you wanted to give the quilt as a baby gift and it's for sure a girl...then bind it and call it good. It would make a great gift! But IF you decided on something else for a baby gift, I've always loved piano key borders or whatever other kind you like to add to the quilt and either keep it as a regular quilt or give it away to someone. In other words, I like either method depending on who it goes to! Hope that helps! I need to make my UFO list this week, too!

  6. Bind it & call it good. That is what I did on a recent finish.

  7. A square makes a great baby quilt - they're perfect on the floor for playtime! So bind it and call it great! 50" is the perfect size!!

  8. I have to agree with everyone else, the pink quilt will be a perfect baby gift! Bind it and mark it off the list! Love your hourglass quilt!

  9. Oh, what wonderful projects! I'd also vote for binding the old WIP and sending it off--just imagine how good it will feel to have it done?

  10. Good goals to set. I think you should just bind the strawberry quilt especially if you plan to send it for a baby quilt.

  11. Great projects, but for finishing the WIP I think you should bind it and be done....there is a reason you have had it for so long and thinking it is time to be done. It will make a wonderful baby gift!