Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday stash report

or, the story of how a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes....

Blew my stash reduction numbers...

For those that may not know, Sprinkles is a well known cupcake emporium. They sell only cupcakes and they have a vast menu of flavors. My youngest daughter loves the experience of going there so as vacation dwindled we decided to make a trip downtown for this culinary delight. .... and the way my mind works, if I am headed down there, I really should stop by the stores in the warehouse district to see if they have anything new.

I was not disappointed... treasures abounded... The red mingle print on the right was the most expensive at $5 yard to the Amy Butler on the far left that was $2 yard. The others were all $3. I got a yard of each and am headed back soon to get more of the AMH Garden Party and AB Midwest Modern in the middle... at $3 I need to get it for future quilt backings.

So, here are my stash numbers to end the year ... this reflects the past two weeks.


9 yards pictured above

6.5 yards Holiday Happy that I ordered when I realized I had not gotten nearly enough of the in my first order from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. So glad I got it when I did since it is now $9+ post sale.


3.5 table cloth using grey Ikea fabric above

8.5 DD1 quilt

9 - DD2 quilt

4.5 Purple squares quilt

Total for week... Reduction of 10 yards!!!

Total for Dec/2010 ... 12.5 increase

I think that in 2011 I will continue to track my fabric, but I will record it at the end of the month. I don't think that anyone else cares how much fabric I have or use, but recording it here gives me some accountability.

This is a random picture my daughter drew on the lid of the Sprinkles box... kinda how I feel about my fabric sometimes.

Reminder: Giveaway for custom labels closes tomorrow.

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  1. Cupcakes and fabric...sounds like the perfect day! I hope you enjoy all of your goodies!