Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HST Mania

Almost a year ago I was inspired by this quilt to start my own HST quilt. I started it random, then took all the triangles apart and redid as values (light/dark). I was not thrilled and set the project aside.

This last week after looking at lots of EOY quilt collages and reviewing my quilts I realized that although I like multi print (busy) quilts by others, I prefer to both work on and have in my home quilts with generous use of solids.

Out comes the seam ripper and all the triangles got taken apart, again. I have a healthy length of Kona in a light grey (stone?) and re-started the project.
My goal is 5 squares (10 completed HST blocks) a day at least 5 days a week.

Goals are good, I even did a post on my goals for the year and of course this was not even an idea at the time unless its loosely considered an outstanding WIP. Goals are flexible in my quilting, the only absolute being working on what I like.


  1. I checked out the Cluck Cluck quilt and really liked the looks of it...but I can see that I'm somewhat like you in thinking that if I tackled that project I would think it looked jimble-jambled in my house. I do love your last picture where all the prints are paired with the stone...I think it will turn out very nice!

  2. I really need to make one of these!!

  3. I like the gray side. It will be interesting to see how you set them.