Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Stash

If you have visited my blog before you have probably heard about the warehouse stores that I frequent in downtown Dallas.

I got these fabrics at one of those places. I got the large sunflowers because I saw the Kokka selvage and knew I could not pass it up at $3/yard and bought 2 yards. The other was in 'the bin' and was less. It is from Art Gallery and I have one yard.

So, if this was your fabric, what would you do with it? As you can tell from the inch markers, the sunflowers are a very large scale print.

I have this
Keyka Lou Grocery Bag pattern, but can't help but feel there is a better use for this fantastic fabric but I am at a loss what it would be. Ideas welcome!


  1. Well, for me, those sunflowers would end up on the back of a quilt - where they could shine all on their own!! Pretty fabrics!!

  2. I'd keep them whole, too. Girl, you are creating like there is no tomorrow, what an inspiration!