Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help Please!!!

I got this sewing machine at the thrift store last August. Its in great shape and looked like it had just been serviced, you know, with the little piece of fabric testing stitches still sitting on it, so I took it home rather than to the sewing machine man. In November I tried to sew on it and it just made a big thread knot and I was knee deep in Christmas projects so I just popped it back down in the table and said I would get back to it when I had time.

Today I decided I wanted to sew together some squares and my Bernina was all threaded up to bind my current project... I don't know why but threading a machine is my least favorite thing to do, so rather then pull that thread off and re-thread I decided to get out the Singer. I took the plate off, oiled it, pulled all the little nasty threads out of it, got the manual out (yes, there was a manual, feet and button hole attachment that came with) loaded the bobbin and threaded it up, only to get this....

You may not be able to tell, but this is the bobbin side, I flipped the block over.

Ack! Its a loopy mess! I tried it several times, reloaded the bobbin, re-threaded the machine, everything I can think of.... so HELP! Where do I start to correct this?

Update: I rethreaded (again), put a felt under the bobbin, tried some more... messing with the stich length and tension and go it to work! Thanks for all the hints and helps!


  1. the tension needs to be changed
    also use good thread

  2. It's not a tension problem. It's a threading problem. Rule of thumb is, if the thread is messed up on the bottom of your stitching, the problem is on the top of your machine, not the bobbin. I know my machine like this threads differently than newer machines, and my featherweight threads the needle from the inside to the outside, rather than the other way, which is how machines do now. Be sure you're between the tension discs, too - it's easy to miss and get in front or in back of them on the older machines. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I wanted to stop and say hi, Diane. Looks like good info, my suggestion is to know a good machine shop. Try Sarah's first, though.

  4. Also make sure your needle is in correctly: Needle Flat Left (NFL) on a Featherweight. The needle's flat side should be to the left. Is this a FW?

  5. This is a 99k. There should be an oval bump under the spool for it to be a featherweight. Try flipping the bobbin over,thread is reversed, or try adding felt under the spool, spools weighed more back then. Or check for thread caught under the foot plate. Both should help with tension.
    Try this blog:

    Don't be shy email her and she usually has an answer for you! She did with my FW.

  6. Oops you're right Diane- it's a 201!

  7. Perfect timing! I gave my neighbor my Mom's old Singer, and after refilling the bobbin, it's making the same kind of stitches :-( I've jotted down the suggestions, and hope I can get it running for her again. She's a new addict, I mean, quilter, so don't want to discourage her at this point!