Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paint by number deer

Last week I mentioned that I has started trading fabric on one of the flicker groups... I was able to quickly complete my County Fair collection and fill in gaps of Katie Jump Rope.

I started looking around for some other fabrics to trade for and one of the lines that I developed an interest in getting is Moda Lush by Erin Michael... I know...Those of you familiar with the fabric are laughing...

anyhow, I am doing pretty good, but thinking I am NEVER going to get the paint by number deer and all of a sudden I have this memory that pops into my head... my husband pointing out the fabric to me and my poo-pooing him and saying yep that's nice... but that must be me making up the incident in my head, surly if I had seen this fabric I would have bought it!

So, I show him a picture of the fabric and ask if he has ever seen it and he respond oh yeah, I remember that... at which point I start yelling WHERE!!!

He has no idea since I drag my family to fabric stores whenever we are on vacation so it could be anywhere in a 5 state radius.

I keep closing my eyes trying to visualize where I was and what it looked like around me thinking I can recall where we were and call them and of course they still have it for me to buy, at retail.... but I keep coming up blank.... I would think I made it up if not for the fact that he remembers it too.

So, that is my paint by number deer story... I may remember where it was and get in my car and start to drive at any time....


  1. I have some of the paint-by-number without the deer, but, like you, I'd love to find the deer print. Too bad it's not like real deer that just suddenly appear before you on life's roadway. But you never know. Good luck! Oh, and if you do find it, buy everything you can and then let me know if you want to part with any! :)

  2. Moda fabrics Uptown by Erin Michael being re-released in July 2013