Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession - I'm a book junkie

I think it is safe to say that if you are reading this blog, you have a weakness for fabric...

I shared this picture before, it is about 1/2 of the fabric that I managed to add to my stash during my recent 4 week/6000 mile road trip.

What I didn't admit to was the books that I also brought home....I justified it in that since I was not able to sew I could browse the books for inspiration...

Has anyone noticed just how many new quilting books there are out there, a lot of them based on popular blogs? I have bought most of them and to tell the truth, I wonder why.

Most of these books are a collection of simple patterns, many of them standards that can be found in tutorials online, but, they are nice eye candy and I continue to buy them, and have even made a couple quilts from them.

Little Man (modified larger) from Simplify and Valentine from Practical Guild ... pattern also in Fabric Treats and can be found with a simple search of String Quilt.

I have a long history of buying the books, I started with them 'in the day" before the Internet put everything at out finger tips. My first quilt was the Log Cabin made over 15 years ago via the Quilt in a Day method.

And this quilt took way more then a day.... to my recollection this was 10 years in the making.... and the new project that I want to get started next week will be based on inspiration from a book as well.....

So, what do you think.... what is the allure of the book format that are costly (these each are priced in the $20+ range) when the info is so readily available online. I can't be the only one buying these because they keep publishing these books.


  1. That old-timey Quilt in a Day book is so familiar. That was my first quilt book and first quilt I made from it. Brings back so many newbie memories. Glad to see you have the FW book. A friend gave me mine...haven't started yet--still deciding what to do about templates.

  2. I'm a total book junkie too, and I've often wondered the same thing - why do I continue to amass books when the patterns are easy enough to replicate with out the book? I think it's mainly to remind myself that I like the pattern. Looking at a picture and figuring out the pattern is one thing. Remembering the picture/pattern well enough to recreate it when the time comes is a whole other story.

  3. Oh, I am SUCH a book junky. Yes, I love paging through them for inspiration, but I even love the look of them on the shelf! Here, here for the printed page!!!

  4. I love books too. I think its all about turning the pages in a book and looking at the written words & pictures on paper than on a screen.

  5. my first quilt was from that quilt-in-a-day book too! it was the irish chain. i need to dig that one out and do a blog post on it. i did the most complicated hand-quilting design on it and, to this day, i can't believe that i actually finished it!

  6. Yes I don't think books will ever stop being popular because of the internet. I too have quilting books that I use just for inspiration. Quilting books are really expensive here mostly over $50 so thankfully that stops me buying so many.

  7. Hi Diane, thanks for following!
    I'm a book junkie, I've sold off many of my books at garage sales 'cause I've had too many only to build up a library larger than the first! As a child I found refuge in books. I've learned sooo much from reading!
    Yes, I am now unintentionally collecting quilting books but I do restrain myself by borrowing from the local library.
    You can snuggle up in bed or on the sofa with a e-book doesn't have the same feel!

  8. I agree, I'm a book junkie! One of my first quilts was Eleanor Burns Log Cabin in a Day. Took a day to piece it and 1 year to hand quilt it. Every time there is a 40% off sale I buy. I also love magazines. It is funny because there are a gazillion free patterns on the internet.

  9. Just stumbled across your blog for the first time, thus the late comment. I love quilting books too; but have to agree with you tht many of the new ones are kinda just retreads of very basic patterns. Two I would totally recommend are Scrap Basket Sensations and Scrap Basket Surprises. I think these two both contain new and novel patterns, made from 2.5" strips, and both are full of patterns I want to make.