Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pastels are out

This spring I started several quilts, all in pastel colors. This is my H2H quilt, the wonky Pastel Log, and Vintage Juki Spring. Well, these colors do not speak to me right now... there is nothing blooming and springy when its been 100+ for 27 days.... so two of these are getting done and one is getting put aside....

So I can work with these beauties that have the sun washed colors of summer and the rich tones of back to school early fall.... I am so excited to get started!

Do you like to sew with seasonal colors? Maybe this is why I can never get into the whole Christmas in July thing?


  1. I do know that I tend to choose more seasonal colors, particularly when I'm wanting the seasons to change!!

  2. I don't think I do seasonal but I definitely like having different projects with different colour palettes. To enjoy making a quilt you need to like the colours you are working with. Well I do.